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Hey You, 
I'm Tanisha

"I often get the question...

Do you do black hair?

Do you do white hair?

I do human hair."

Specialty is in hair extensions, hair loss, and silk press. 

Tanisha is an exceptional individual who stays well-informed about current events and indulges in captivating Netflix shows, leaving you thoroughly entertained. With her vibrant sense of humor, she effortlessly keeps you laughing while providing insightful updates on pop culture trends and television series. Furthermore, her mastery in crafting delightful drinks for her clients adds an extra touch of excellence to her repertoire. 

As a stylist, my utmost joy lies in the transformation of women, where they look beautiful and experience a serene escape dedicated solely to their well-being.

When you settle into my chair, prepare yourself for an enchanting blend of laughter and indulgence. As I work my magic, you'll be treated to a refreshing water bottle, delightful strawberry daiquiri, or other drink choices, enhancing your pampering experience.

Becoming a stylist was a natural choice for me, driven by the profound satisfaction of instilling confidence in others. Recognizing the profound impact of great hair on one's self-assurance, I revel in being an integral part of that process, fostering both confidence and relaxation in my clients.

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