My name is Tanisha Lee. I am a cosmetologist and certified non-surgical hair loss specialist. I specialize in hair extensions and silk presses.


I became a Cosmetologist because I love to make people look and feel good about themselves, to be financially free, and have corporate freedom.  I became a mom at the age of 20 years old. I absolutely love being a mom. My son has shaped me as a person and motivates me to do better each day. I knew I had to obtain a career to support my child. I began my higher education in college with an associate in psychology. I then attended Cosmetology school in 2010.

Now I have a son in college, and he has motivated me to go back to college. I am currently attending WSU, along with my son.

I love to chat and learn about the new things in my client's lives, world events, pop culture, and Netflix shows.  

As a hairstylist, I am attentive to each client. I put relationships before money. My salon has private rooms for my clients to receive a personal and secure experience. The private rooms are great for my hair loss clients. 

If you are ready to be pampered, click the link and book your experience today!  I cannot wait to see your smile!